Apprentice XM gespecialiseerd in crossmediale communicatiemiddelen voor scholen.

Communication advice

Our advisers visit you personally in order to determine the best communication tools for achieving the goals you have set your school.

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Service pack

- Practical start-up instruction session for the complete editorial team.
- Use of the portal (on-line tool for compiling and designing the school magazine).
- Ability to participate in 10 school magazine production runs per year; you pick the deadlines that suit your schedule.
- Digital version of the school magazine (Flash).
- Editorial folder containing tips and information. Each editorial team receives an editorial folder update each year.
- Coordination and support provided by our helpdesk. If you have any questions, we can be contacted by telephone and by e-mail on working days from 8.30 – 17.00 hours.
- Templates and pages presenting fun facts, items of news, puzzles, etc. that you can add to your school magazine.
- The possibility of having the school magazine printed at a favourable cost.
- Delivery of the school magazine to your school if you choose to produce a printed version.