Annual publications

Via Portal XM kunnen leerlingen of een jaarboekcommissie zelf een aantrekkelijk jaarboek samenstellen. Daar blijft het niet bij. Ook voor een originele eigen schoolagenda of een informatieve schoolgids biedt Portal XM uitkomst.


Custom school diary
Absolutely ideal, a school diary that lets you give all your students information about your school such as classroom timetables, school regulations, exam weeks and excursions. The diary uses a fixed week layout. However you decide the content and design of the other pages and the cover via Portal XM. As the diary is a full-colour publication, you can easily integrate your school’s house style and look & feel in the design. We support you in putting together your diary, arrange printing and ensure that the diaries are delivered to you before the start of the new school year.

Typical costs:
The price of the diary depends on the number of pages that you want to use for your own content. A diary with a standard week layout, 16 school content pages, and a custom front and rear cover is available from as little as €5.95 per student.