School prospectus

School prospectus
Portal XM also allows you to create your informative school prospectus, easily and cost-effectively. Contributions from your students can also be included. That appeals to both parents and future students. You create your own prospectus on Portal XM and, with a single press of a button, order perfectly printed copies that are then delivered to you at school within just days.


Portal XM Academy:
Workshops on creating and designing a magazine, and writing and interview techniques

The students who create your school magazine achieve better results with Portal XM Academy. Our inspiring workshops help them to improve their skills and talents. Resulting in a ‘professional’ magazine that the whole school can be proud of and that acts as a powerful promotional tool in the ‘outside world’. The workshops, which are organised at school, are designed for an editorial team of between 10 and 15 students. The editorial team proposes a convenient date.

Producing a magazine
Together with your students, we set up a platform for creating a magazine. What do you need to consider when creating a magazine? Who are your target readers and what is your message? We make a mood board, offer tips on good interviewing techniques and on how to write the articles.

Dotting the i’s
Together with your students, we draw up an effective plan, allocate editorial tasks and discuss the importance of a good editorial statute and efficient editorial meetings.

Getting attention and arousing curiosity
How does your school magazine editorial team write an article that will be read by the whole school? How do you structure an article or story? What subjects make the school magazine attractive and interesting?

Together with your editorial team, we analyse the design used for your school magazine. What does a good cover look like? What photographs are suitable and what fonts should you use and should you avoid? We also analyse the magazine formula, the lay-out and the use of illustrations and photographs.

Playing with language
During this workshop, we help your students think up new magazine sections, explore how to capture and retain the readers’ interest and turn ideas into new articles. We also experiment with different writing styles.

Penetrating questions
The interview as a source of information. What are original questions? How do you uncover the information you want? How do you create a coherent story from a set of answers? During this workshop, your editorial team learns how to strike a balance between leading and following during an interview and about the most important principles of journalism.

Give your school magazine a boost
An inspiring brainstorming session for your editorial team that generates a mass of creative ideas, clarifies standpoints and much more regarding your school magazine’s look & feel.