Eenvoudig schoolmagazines maken. Een eigen, professioneel ogend schoolmagazine met medewerking van de leerlingen, maar ook een maatschappelijke stagekrant, of bijvoorbeeld een (digitale) nieuwsbrief. Hoe realiseer je die op efficiënte en betaalbare wijze? Het antwoord is eenvoudig: met Portal XM.

School magazine

School magazine

‘Schoolmagazine’ has changed its name to Apprentice XM and assists schools in producing their own school magazine on line. Our portal allows you to produce a full-colour school magazine that resembles a professional magazine to a much greater extent than the photocopied publications of the past.

The editorial team receives professional training and advice from us. This training course familiarises you with all the ins and outs of our on-line tool. After the training course, you simply start work on your school magazine at a time of your choice. Portal XM offers a platform where you can contact other editorial teams and exchange ideas. We also organise the Schoolkrant Awards. Are you looking for greater depth in terms of your school magazine’s content? If so, you can attend one of the workshops given by the Schoolkrant Academy.

We give each editorial team an editorial pack containing information about writing magazine copy and magazine design and you can always contact us by telephone or e-mail if you need assistance. Your printed school magazine is delivered to your school within 10 days and a digital version is made available to you a few days after the magazine has been finalised.