Portal XM Magazines:
Create magazines without complication

Your own professionally presented school magazine, co-created by your students, but also a social awareness internship magazine or, for example, a (digital) newsletter. How do you achieve all this efficiently and affordably? The answer is simple: use Portal XM. Your school manages all aspects of production via this user-friendly portal: ranging from the editorial approach, design and content to final printing or digital publication. This guarantees continuity of your school magazine, your information reaches the right people and you exploit the power of new communication possibilities.

Collaboration through intelligent technology
Portal XM gives your school access to applications that you can use to produce any type of magazine. Each authorised member of the editorial team can add text and photographs from his/her computer at any time and lay out the pages. Consultation takes place via an on-line editorial chat facility and your chief editor or the coordinating teacher has continuous on-line information about who is working on what and the current status of each page. Nothing could be easier.


Use the menu to view detailed explanations of all the possibilities under each section.

A magazine for every occasion

-  School magazine
Your students learn how to produce a professional full-colour magazine via our portal.

-  Social awareness internship magazine
Students create their own magazine as part of a social awareness internship. Portal XM makes content proposals and provides tips on how to produce an attractive publication.

-  Specials
What could be better than a five-year anniversary magazine for your school, a festival magazine, a special publication for your Open Days or a travel special after school excursions? Portal XM lets your school create these unique documents.

-  Newsletter
Our portal also allows you to create attractive (digital) newsletters via our portal with all the associated benefits, such as a focus on current affairs, simple distribution and low-cost.