Digital and mobile

Portal XM geeft de mogelijkheid om ook nieuwe media in te zetten binnen school, een digitale schoolkrant of een school app.

School XM App

Portal XM School XM App:
Interactive communication with your students
Portal XM offers fuss-free management of your own School XM App in order to communicate effectively and interactively with your students. This handy smartphone app is a welcome, contemporary addition to your existing communication instruments. Interaction via the School XM app provides immediate useful information because it allows you to analyse your students’ reactions.

Portal XM has developed School XM for iPhone and Android smartphones. Students and teachers can download your specific school app via Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

School app integrates all your media
You can publish information on the most diverse topics via the School app and merge all forms of media. At present, you can create pages in News, Twitter, Poll, Media and Diary. This means you can publish anything ranging from current news items, announcements about parents’ evenings and study choice information to blogs, photos and videos or even your complete school magazine. You can also conduct surveys via the App in order to analyse your students’ opinions on specific subjects. Push notifications via the School App help you focus attention on explicitly chosen topics.

The advantages of School XM:
• Fuss-free management via Portal XM: you can put together your own editorial team and involve your students.
• Multi-informative: the App allows you to merge information from a variety of school channels
• Easy access for students and teachers – no hard-to-remember login codes
• Up-to-date information: input, publication, available to readers.
• Popular medium: the app and the information perfectly match the world in which your students live.
• Widespread acceptance: the mix of serious information and fun things to know guarantees that the app will be read regularly.
• Direct involvement: students and teachers will want to be involved in content for the app and will react interactively.