Work assignment for complusory subjects

The new approach to compulsory work assignments
Students can now learn how to produce their compulsory work assignments on line using a special module. Because the work assignment looks like a professional magazine, students are encouraged to write for a larger audience. This makes the entire experience very different to working on a ‘normal’ assignment. They are given the opportunity of perfecting their communicative skills in a creative manner. Furthermore, the creative process involves lay-out and illustrations as well as text, thereby encouraging students to produce something really exceptional. As a result, the assignments have a dynamic and professional appearance and are clearly legible.

How does it work?
The school purchases a licence. The teachers attend a special training course at the school in order to learn about all of the features offered by the system and students can start working on their compulsory work assignments on the very same day. The teachers are able to monitor the process step-by-step in the on-line editorial room and can see what progress their students have made at any time. The students can use the system to request direct feedback from the teacher, who is able to view the page in question in real time. Students can turn to our helpdesk for assistance and tips when designing and laying out their pages.

When the deadline approaches, the school decides whether the individual work assignments are to be printed individually, presented as a digital version or possibly collected together and attractively presented in book form. The school built up a digital portfolio of all the compulsory work assignments that have been produced. That gives teachers material to analyse and acts as a source of new ideas for students.